KnowFOOD live event: Know FOOD-COMPOSITION (Part 1)

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Episode 4, April 15: Know FOOD-COMPOSITION: Better food composition data. Better diets.

When it comes to food composition data, as with many fields, laboratory science is currently moving faster than the informatics components. In this episode we'll speak with three researchers from UC Davis who are each at the cutting edge of different aspects of food metabolomics. Their efforts are collectively enabling more detailed food composition data, which we eventually hope to see included inside of the standardized databases. In particular, Daniela Barile will share insights into how carbohydrate composition of foods interact with human immune response and gut health. Ameer Taha will discuss impacts of food lipid composition on brain health, and potential connections and remedies for ailments such as Alzheimer's disease. Selina Wang will share with us more about how postharvest handling of food and food processing impacts overall nutritional content, and ways to measure and catalog these effects.

KnowFOOD co-hosts:
Matthew Lange, Food informatician and President/Co-founder of IC-FOODS
Courtney Riggle, Researcher with Food Systems Lab at UC Davis, and Co-founder of IC-FOODS