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KnowFOOD-KnowSENSE (Part 2): Technologies for measuring and tracking flavor in foods

How can we use technology to understand the pathways to create and market more flavorful foods? Flavor, and perception of flavor, all begins with your genetics and cultural perceptions of taste, which is incredibly hard to measure. As an exciting development, the team at Aromyx has made strides in using technology to replicate the human perception of flavor – turning the subjective into an objective database.

At the same time, advances in traceability along the food system through blockchain and other technologies helps us track the impacts of specific activities on flavor and other quality attributes of food products. Pairing a digitized understanding of food preferences with more precise tracking of those digital attributes in actual food and beverage products can guide organizations to identify new customer needs and deliver on their expectations through interpretive data analysis.

Helping the KnowFOOD audience explore these technological developments in application in the food marketplace will be Josh Silverman, CEO of Aromyx, a company that has developed sensor technology in combination with software and AI programs to understand, compute, and replicate the human experience of taste and smell.

We’ll also welcome Riccardo Accolla, Head of Food Science and Sustainability at, a company applying food blockchain technology to support food transparency by monitoring origin, quality, and sustainability along the supply chain. Riccardo and are developing ways to connect and document digital understandings of impact on food flavor, and other attributes, at each step of the supply chain.

Join us and Know-SENSE with food.

KnowFOOD hosts:

Courtney Riggle, Researcher with Food Systems Lab at UC Davis, and Co-founder of IC-FOODS

Robert Danhi, Chef; Chief Innovation Officer at Flavor360°