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KnowFOOD-WASTED: Characterizing food waste data streams and identifying opportunities to reduce waste

How can we use technology to better understand the sources of food loss and waste, the interventions that will prevent them, and the potential for upscaling specific food components? What sorts of cyberinfrastructures and sociotechnical systems will best enable the circular economy of food? What data do we need? How might we best facilitate interoperability?

Helping the KnowFOOD audience explore these social goals and their required technological developments in application in the food marketplace will be Dana Gunders, Executive Director of, a nonprofit with a mission to cut food loss and waste in half by the year 2030. Dana will walk us through current food waste characterization and metrics, what’s needed to advance food waste interventions, and give us a feel for the return on investment for their corporate partners.

We’ll also welcome Brian Roe, Director of the Food Waste Collaborative at the Ohio State University and data group lead for the new $15M NSF project: RECIPES for Sustainable Food Systems (Resilient, Equitable, and Circular Innovations with Partnership and Education Synergies), led by American University. Brian will discuss new efforts in process to develop ontologies around food loss and waste and related interventions, and how these and other technological developments can translate into more effective food policy for reduction and redirection of food waste.

We’ll also be joined by Ned Spang, an Associate Professor at UC Davis who also leads Measurement and Characterization projects for the University of California Food Loss and Waste Collaborative. Ned will walk us through current research project use cases around loss/waste quantification , highlighting the ways in which its improvement holds promise to better understand economic and environmental impacts of our foodsheds.

Join us for KnowFOOD-WASTED.

Confirmed guests include:

Dana Gunders, Executive Director, ReFED

Brian Roe, Professor & Director, Food Waste Collaborative, Ohio State University

Edward Spang, Associate Professor & Lead, Food Loss and Waste Collaborative, UC Davis

KnowFOOD hosts:

Matthew Lange, Food Informatician and CEO of IC-FOODS

Courtney Riggle, Researcher with Food Systems Lab at UC Davis, and Co-founder of IC-FOODS