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Episode 1, January 21: Know COVID: COVID-19 impact on food systems

COVID has laid bare many fragilities of increasingly centralized local-to-global food systems, and the single points of failure associated with them. This episode will "lean into COVID"--that is, identify opportunities that exist for information technologies, and knowledge graphs--specifically, to begin addressing salient issues, indicators, resources, and strategies for improving resilience of food systems.

Confirmed guests include:

Damion Dooley, Developer of FoodOn, the world's most comprehensive, integrated, and open Food Ontology, and
Chris Mungall, Scientist and department head at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory--perhaps the world's most prolific and cited biological ontologist. He also leads development of the world's largest open knowledge graph about COVID.

Co-hosts include:

Matthew Lange, Food informatician and President/Co-founder of IC-FOODS, and
Courtney Riggle, Researcher with Food Systems Lab at UC Davis, and Co-founder of IC-FOODS

Presented By:

Attunement Studio