KnowFOOD live event: KnowFOOD-FARM STAX


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WATCH NOW: Season 2, Episode 2, November 18: KnowFOOD-FARM STAX: Open & reusable digital tools for food production.

Last month, we kicked off KnowFOOD, Season 2 with an exploration of philosophical and ethical questions surrounding food, food data, data sovereignty, and food system transparency, as part of KnowFOOD-PHILOFOOD. This month, we invite three individuals who are furthering the standards of open software, open platforms, and open standards for food system classifications.

In particular, we’ll hear from Sumer Johal, founder of AgStack Foundation, a project of The Linux Foundation aimed at creating a FREE, shared, community-created/ maintained, trusted and open digital infrastructure for food and agriculture stakeholders globally. AgStack was established to help improve global agriculture efficiency through the creation, maintenance and enhancement of free, re-usable, open and specialized digital infrastructure for data and applications.

Then we will be joined by Dorn Cox, Project lead for The Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management (OpenTEAM), which is a farmer-driven, interoperable suite of tools to provide farmers with knowledge to improve soil health.

We’ll also welcome Cullen Naumoff, co-founder at Farm Fare, a software platform that allows small-scale producers and food hubs to work collaboratively through a shared marketplace and management platform while sharing high-cost infrastructure that already exists in a region.

Together we will discuss how open source digital tools can help us push the envelope for efficiencies and sustainability of food production and food production systems.

Confirmed guests include:

Sumer Johal, Founder and Executive Director of AgStack Foundation, Founder and CEO of Agralogics, and Strategic Advisor for FTW Ventures

Dorn Cox, Research Director at Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment, Founder of the FarmOS software platform and the Farm Hack community, Project lead for The Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management (OpenTEAM), and an organic farmer.

Cullen Naumoff, co-founder at Farm Fare LLC


KnowFOOD co-hosts:

Matthew Lange, Food informatician and President/Co-founder of IC-FOODS

Courtney Riggle, Researcher with Food Systems Lab at UC Davis, and Co-founder of IC-FOODS