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WATCH NOW: Season 2, Episode 4, January 20: KnowFOOD-KnowSENSE: Data for knowledge about sensory experiences and food

Innovations in smartphones, social networks, as well as virtual and augmented realities have enabled previously unthinkable windows into how we sense and characterize our worldly experiences. In this episode of KnowFOOD--KnowSENSE, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of food experiences--both real and virtual--exploring methods for capturing and interpreting the procure, prep, cook and eat experiences across ingredients, builds, and dishes. At the heart of these experiences is the real-time capture of the sensory experiences that are part flavor, part culture, and part environment.

Helping the KnowFOOD audience tease apart these intricacies will be Robert Danhi, a research chef who serves as Chief Innovation Officer at Flavor360°, an app and web-based tool enabling food innovators and consumers to capture, share, and analyze flavor experiences.

We’ll also welcome Julien Delarue, a professor of Sensory & Consumer Science at the University of California Davis. His research focuses on developing methods to measure consumer sensory perception, preferences, and hedonics, and their effective use in R&D. We’ll learn about the role of various contextual effects on hedonic measures and how these contexts can be controlled-for using immersive physical and virtual environments.

Join us and Know-SENSE with food.

KnowFOOD co-hosts:

Matthew Lange, Food informatician and President/Co-founder of IC-FOODS

Courtney Riggle, Researcher with Food Systems Lab at UC Davis, and Co-founder of IC-FOODS


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